Question: Is Poole Pottery still made?

Poole Pottery is still all made in the UK, all the items online are manufactured in Middleport pottery in Stoke-On-Trent. Middleport pottery is also the home of Burleigh and have been manufacturing earthenware products on the same spot since 1889.

Who founded Poole Pottery?

Beginnings (1873 – 1920) Poole Pottery was founded in 1873, when one Jesse Carter purchased the “T. W. Walker Patent Encaustic and Mosaic Ornamental Brick and Tile Manufactory” from a bankrupt James Walker, who had established the business on the East Quay in 1861.

When potters make pots every year?

“Potters work mainly five-to-six months in a year – three to four months in summer and then two months around Diwali – and for the rest part, they live off the money earned during the said time. Now because of the lockdown, potters are unable to sell their products.

Why was clay used in pots?

- The clayey soil can be used to make toys and pots because the clayey soils intermolecular space is low and it can get sticky when come in contact with water or get wet. As evaporation takes place the pots made up of clayey soil can keep the water cool inside.

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