Question: Will shut down?

Music discovery company just announced that it will end its subscription radio streaming service on April 28th. The radio service is currently available in the U.K., the U.S. and Germany with a freemium model.

Does drain battery?

The system processes required to keep the phone operating use battery life, though the largest drain on the battery is the power required to run the display. When you access the FM radio app โ€“ or any app โ€“ it takes a small amount of additional power on the part of the battery.

Is scrobbling? is not scrobbling.

How much battery does radio use?

A typical car stereo uses a 10Amp fuse, and it will drain about 5 Amps in general usage. So you can run the radio for about a minimum of 5 hours or a maximum of 10 hours before the battery gets drained. Modern cars and vehicles will allow you to play the radio for about an hour with the engine off.

How do I turn off last FM?

Disconnect directly @ access to the app in your Spotify accounts settings.Reconnect @ Spotify.Voila! It works again.Jun 19, 2018

What does? is a global online music service that tracks peoples music listening habits - across many devices/platforms and via its world-class personalized music service โ€“ to help them discover and share new music through recommendations, exploration and the integration of social networking tools.

Is it bad to listen to music while car is off?

A lot of people worry that listening to the radio in the car with the engine turned off could drain the battery. In theory, leaving the radio on while the engine is off could drain the car battery. Having the heating on while the engine is off is much more likely to drain the battery than leaving the radio on.

How long will radio battery last?

In short, 600 minutes You might be able to listen for 10-20 hours before youd lose your satellite signal on your satellite radio (12 volt+). So if you leave it on while driving around, thats a lot of juice being drawn from your battery between charges.

Why isnt my updating?

We are aware that scrobbles arent updating at present. This is caused by some planned maintenance work and should be temporary with no data loss.

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