Question: When did the Campagnolo Super Record cranks come out?

Campagnolo Super Record was released in 1974 as the successor to Campagnolos top tier group set, Nuovo Record. The Super Record group set was in production from 1974 to late 1980s.

What year did Campagnolo Super Record come out?

1973 1973: Campagnolo presents the Super Record Campagnolos Super Record was a milestone, one that hit the world of cycling with the impetus of a tireless cyclist. In production from 1973 to 1987, it was updated to the black and silver version in 1979.

How do you date a Campagnolo crank?

Campy Cranksets As noted in the Dating Campagnolo Parts section above: From 1958 - 1972 Record crank arms were not dated on their backs. From 1973 - 1979 the year of crank manufacture is the last digit in a diamond. From 1980 - 1984 the year of crank manufacture is the last digit in a circle.

What is Campagnolo Super Record?

Campagnolo Super Record is a term that visions Campagnolo componentrys elegance, beauty & performance along with exceptional Italian quality. The new Super Record pushes the limits of the Road Drivetrain further as this model is 12-Speed.

Does Campagnolo have electronic shifters?

As many of you know, Campagnolo recently formally introduced its electronic shifting system, dubbed EPS, to the market.

Which pro teams still use rim brakes?

Last year, both Ineos Grenadiers and UAE Team Emirates were still exclusively on rim brake bikes, but this year the latter looks to have switched to disc brakes on its Colnagos.

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