Question: When should you ask a girl for her number online?

Knowing when to transition from the actual date to dating online is the toughest part of dating. Because you really need to get to know the people well before you even commit your time to meet them in person. And thats your answer! Quick, simple, four to seven days is when you should ask for her number.

Is it too soon to ask for a girls number?

How does it feel to you? Firstly, women can ask for your number any time they want because theyre women and they have that power. Secondly, there is no appropriate time after which you ask for their number. This is entirely evaluated on a case-by-case basis assessment done by you.

What to say to girl who likes you?

Tell her directly if youre into her and say what you like about her.For example, you could say something like, “You have such a great sense of humor. Thats one of the things I like best about you.”Or you could say, “Your eyes are so pretty. Another option might be, “I like you a lot.

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