Question: Who is dating zinhle?

DJ Zinhle is happy and in love with her new bae Murdah Bongz and she recently shared the sweet gesture that had her in her feelings. DJ Zinhle reveals how Murdah Bongz stole her heart. Images via Instagram @djzinhle @murdahbongz.

What happened Brendon Naidoo?

Brendon Naidoo was arrested for fraud after allegedly defrauding teachers and pensioners out of millions, he spent 10 days in jail and is now out on bail.

What does DJ Zinhle do for a living?

Disc jockey MusicianRecord producer DJ Zinhle/Professions

Who is Brandon Naidoo?

Brendon Naidoo is a wealthy South African businessman known who is to have an expensive taste in clothes, watches, booze, travel, and all the finer things in life. He is famously referred to as Mr. Bond because of his love for wearing suits.

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