Question: How do you attract supermodels?

Do you find models attractive?

Most models are universally more attractive than most women (or men if were talking about male models) — because models are chosen TO be more attractive. Its part of the job for a vast majority of model genres.

Are supermodels pretty?

Supermodels are the hottest amongst us, the elite few who are just so darn pretty that well pay them lots of money if they just stand around in front of us for a bit. The supermodel must be able to wear couture clothes, lingerie, or nothing at all, and look more amazing than any normal person could ever hope.

Who is the best model in the world?

WinnersYearWinnerVenue2020Pierinna PatinoHurgada, Egypt2019Nicole MenayoHurgada, Egypt2018Janet LeyvaHurgada, Egypt2017Julya GershunEl Gouna, Egypt23 more rows

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