Question: Whats wrong with Gaz Beadles baby?

The model revealed Primrose was born with stomach problems and hit out at brands who had been begging her to promote their products. Emma explained that since giving birth to Emma early in December, they have been in and out of hospital - and she is also trying to plan son Chesters second birthday at the same time.

What was wrong with Gary Beadles baby?

Gaz, 31, and Emma have documented their many trips to hospital with their little girl following her birth, with the model now opening up on the mystery illness. Hirschsprung disease, also known as HSCR, is a birth defect caused by the absence of nerve cells named ganglions in the bowel of a child.

Who is the mother of Gary Beadles children?

GAZ Beadle has shared the first picture of his baby daughter after fiancée Emma McVey gave birth to their second child early. The former Geordie Shore star, 31, first shared the news this morning, telling fans: “Xmas just came early, what an amazing night.”

What is wrong with Emma McVey?

She explained at the time: I have three large holes in my heart and damaged tissue which is causing my blood to pass through the wrong direction, the right side of my heart is now enlarged and weak, along with high blood pressure in my lungs.

How long was Gaz and Lillie together?

Designer and model Lillie has appeared on both Geordie Shore and Ex On The Beach, and has suffered a lot of heartbreak in the past, very publicly. She dated Gaz for two years before they split in 2015.

Why is Charlotte not in Geordie OG?

Off the back of this news, Charlotte decided that she needed to distance herself from her ex and, therefore, the show. Sadly because a certain someone cant admit to being in the wrong and have to write a short story full of excuses, I have made the very hard decision to leave the show, she wrote at the time.

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