Question: Is it hard to be a single parent?

Theres no secret life of a single parent. Raising kids is messy, exhausting, and generally the same journey for anyone. Doing this gig alone isnt just being alone with your kids. Its harder than that.

What are the struggles of being a single parent?

Struggles of Being a Single MomLack of Social Support. The Single Mom Guilt. The Difficulty of Organizing Life. Financial Stress and Anxiety. The Feeling of Loneliness and Isolation. Fear and Anxiety. Take Care of Yourself. Talk Early and Often.More items

What is the hardest thing about being a single parent?

With no backup team, being a single mom is exhausting: Never having that second person to lean on when you are sick, or just t plain tired is tough. It is all on you all the time. Many single moms say they just plain miss having a partner by their side.

Is it easy to be a single parent?

Being a single parent is NOT easy—no one ever said that it was. Being a single mom or dad in The Great Recession is one of the most difficult positions. Sailing solo around the globe is an easier task than raising a family on an entry level salary, but only 250 people have done it—there are millions of single parents.

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