Question: Which city in Ontario has the most Muslims?

Is Mississauga full of Muslims?

The major faith in Mississauga is Christianity with just under 60% reported in the 2011 census. Islam was the second highest at nearly 12%. Perhaps a nod to the affluence of the area there is a very high number – 68.5% - of working age residents in Mississauga.

Where are more Muslims in Canada?

Most Muslims arriving in Canada since the 1960s settled in urban areas, with more than 70% now concentrated in the Toronto, Montréal, and Vancouver metropolitan areas; the number approaches 80% if Edmonton and Calgary are included.

How many Muslims are in Toronto Canada?

There are about 1,053,945 Muslims in Canada. This has been shown to increase every census (10 years). A majority of the Muslims in Canada follow Sunni Islam, and a minority of them follow Shia Islam and Ahmadiyya Islam. Other major religious groups were Jewish (1%), Buddhist (1.1%) and Hindu (1.5%) and Sikh (1.4%).

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