Question: Should you sleep with your husband while separated?

Is it good to be intimate during marriage separation?

Sexual intimacy during separation reduces tension Getting sexually intimate during your separation reduces anxiety and stress. Reduced anxiety and tension will ensure that you both might be able to achieve some clarity over what direction you would like to take the separation or your marriage.

How do you make your husband miss you while separated?

Making Your Estranged Husband Miss You. Give him his space. Your husband will not have the opportunity to miss you if you are constantly seeing each other or talking to each other. Give him the chance to see what life would really be like without you by leaving him alone for a while.

How do I communicate with my spouse during separation?

Whether you are newly separated or have been for some time, talk to your spouse about how much communication needs to occur, how often and what you will be talking about. Be clear in your purpose and address the situation head-on. Being open about this will help eliminate any doubt and confusion on either part.

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