Question: How do you level up in high school story?

General. When you gain enough XP from completing certain quest, and the green bar fills up, you will level up and unlock new features and rewards. High School Story encourages you to post to social media every time you level up, however this is optional.

How do you upgrade a classroom on High School Story?

The Classroom can be bought from the Store for 2,000 coins and takes 2 hours to build. At Level 5 the Classroom can be upgraded for 10,000 coins and takes 8 hours to complete.

Does high school story end?

The final chapter for the entire High School Story series is out! As we get ready to bid adieu to Berry High, lets meet the team that brought us there: Brianna: Im a writer on High School Story and I took over as Book Lead starting from Book 2 of Class Act!

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