Question: How much does a virtual doula cost?

Rate for Hourly Virtual Labor Support: $100/hour, prorated by 15 minute increments per call or $25 per call for up to 15 minutes. For example, a 10 minute call would be $25 – a 25 minute call would be $50.

Is a virtual doula worth it?

Physical distance doesnt negate what a doula can do, and it was in the feedback from Adam that I realized that with the right birth partner plan, proper labor rehearsal, and positive reinforcement, virtual labor support can be effective.” I have to add: Having her guide us on labor rehearsal and provide positive

How much do doula services cost?

A birth doula costs on average between $800 and $2,500, depending on location, the local market and cost of living, the experience of the doula, and what services the doula provides.

What is a virtual doula?

Virtual doula support is like in-person support in many ways. Here are the biggest differences: • During Labor and Birth: Instead of providing physical support, the doula provides virtual guidance on physical coping techniques for pain management to the client and whoever is supporting the client in person.

What does a virtual postpartum doula do?

Virtual Postpartum Doula Support Virtual postpartum doula support is an extension of the normal in-person postpartum support. Instead of the typical in-person support, I supply emotional and educational support through online platforms including FaceTime, WhatsApp, Marco Polo, Email and informational videos.

How do I become a doula?

Typically, a birth doula needs to finish 7 to 12 hours of childbirth education, 16 hours of birth doula training, and attend at two to five births. A postpartum doula usually attends about 27 hours of postpartum doula education and assists two or more women with postpartum support.

Who pays for a doula?

Some—but not all—insurance companies will cover all or part of the cost of a doula. Check with your insurance company to find out. There may be a volunteer doula program in your area for women who cant afford to hire one. And some doulas offer a sliding fee scale, based on what a woman can afford.

How hard is it to become a doula?

Unlike a midwife, a doula has no medical training—but their experience and support can make a great positive difference in a new parents life. Choosing to become a doula is no easy decision. While the rewards are great, there are long hours at births and you must be on call whenever your clients need you.

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