Question: Is Fredericksburg TX gay-friendly?

From old-world landmarks to low-key boutique hotels, Fredericksburg has gay-friendly accommodations for any travel style. You can stay in the thick of things close to downtown, or look for secluded hotels offering plush amenities and stunning views.

What cities in Texas are gay-friendly?

AUSTIN — Dallas and Fort Worth remain two of the most gay-friendly cities in Texas, but Irving is not so friendly at all, according to a new national ranking released Monday.

Is El Paso gay friendly?

El Paso is a hidden queer gem of the Southwest, with a vibrant drag scene and a rich history of queer communities of color. The city council has reaffirmed its support of the queer community over and over. El Paso Sun City Pride serves as their regions largest recognized LGBT organization.

Is New Braunfels LGBT-friendly?

Polanco said that holding a Pride event shows that New Braunfels can be a welcoming home for the LGBT community.

Is Amarillo LGBT friendly?

The good news is that Amarillo raised its score in the “Municipal Equality Index,” which is a ranking of cities according to “LGBTQ equality.” The MEI assesses “LGBTQ equality in 506 cities across the nation, including 25 in Texas.”

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