Question: What should I comment on Hinge?

What do you say in a Hinge message?

According to a spokesperson for Hinge, youll also want to say something that can lead into a conversation. Hey may feel like a safe bet, but it a) wont make you stand out, and b) is super easy to ignore. Instead, think about fun, open-ended questions, that help you start to get to know each other.

What are the best Hinge answer questions?

Complete List Of Hinge Questions*I know the best spot in town for.A shower thought I recently had.A life goal of mine.A random fact I love is.A social cause I care about.All I ask is that you.An overshare.Believe it or not, I.More items

How do Hinge comments work?

Hinge makes it easy to start a conversation by allowing you to “like” specific content within someones profile, whether thats one of their prompt answers or photos. Free members can “like” up to 10 profiles each day. If youre not interested in a suggested match, tap the X and the next one will pop up.

Can you send photos on Hinge message?

Yes, you can upload both photos and videos to your Hinge profile.

How do you send a message on Hinge?

You can send a message at the same time you “like” a profile, rather than just swiping right and hoping for a match like you do on Tinder. According to the apps internal data, your comment makes it 3x more likely youll get a response. Just use one of her photos or prompt answers as inspiration for your first message!

How many prompts can you answer on Hinge?

three prompts Right now, you can only answer three prompts at a time. However, you can change those prompts as often as youd like.

What does share do on Hinge?

Hinge wants users to meet, so itll ask you whether youve met up with your match after exchanging phone numbers. Any feedback you share with We Met feature is kept private from your match.

Do people comment on Hinge?

On Hinge, use their profile prompts, photos, and information to gather insights into what questions to ask. After your match responds to your question, respond by commenting on their answer, answering the question yourself, and then ask another open ended question.

Can I answer more questions on Hinge?

Tap the pencil icon to open the profile editor. Reorder your prompts by drag and drop. To change the prompt question, tap the pencil icon beside the prompt and scroll through the carousel of options. Tap Done when youre happy with the changes.

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