Question: How do I mount my telescope to my computer?

How do I connect my Celestron 8se to my computer?

Plug the Celestron supplied cable into the base of the HandController, connect the two cables together, turn on the scope, then plug into the USB port on the computer. You the need to check the computer can see the serial port provided. The WiFi dongle plugs into the aux port on the mount base.

What do you need to connect your Celestron telescope mount to a computer?

0:3712:18What do you Need to Connect Your Celestron Telescope Mount to a YouTube

Is Meade better than Celestron?

Theres no debate, Meade and Celestron both make excellent telescopes of all levels. When it comes to intermediate-level telescopes, Celestrons 40,000+ celestial object database with GoTo technology and SkyAlign for easy alignment beat the smaller celestial library and more cumbersome setup process offered by Meade.

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