Question: What are some good debate topics?

What are some good controversial topics?

The Best Controversial Topics of 2019Is Brexit a good or bad idea?Did Russia interfere with the 2016 Presidential Election?Should there be stricter gun control?Should America allow illegal immigrants to become American citizens?Should the death penalty still be allowed?Should abortion be allowed?More items •11 Sep 2019

What is a debatable topic?

Such a question is debatable, meaning it is subject to disagreement or doubt. Something is debatable if theres reason to doubt it. If you say youre going to play in the NBA someday, but youre very short, your plans are debatable.

What are the top 10 controversial topics?

The 25 Most Controversial Topics Today#1. Civil Rights. #2. Censorship and Freedom of Speech. #3. Climate Change. #4. Death Penalty/Capital Punishment. #5. Abortion. #6. Social Security. #7. Artificial Intelligence. #8. Health Insurance.More items

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