Question: When did the Evening Standard go free?

After a long history of paid circulation, on 12 October 2009 the Standard became a free newspaper, with free circulation of 700,000, limited to central London.

Is the Evening Standard free?

ondons Evening Standard is to become a free newspaper. Publishers say they will more than double the circulation from 250,000 to more than 600,000 each day when it axes its 50p cover price on October 12.

Where can I get Evening Standard?

For your most convenient place to get a copy of the Evening Standard, phone our Careline on Freecall - 0800 141 2629, email us on or luse the store locator by clicking on this link.

Who runs the Evening Standard?

Evening StandardEvening Standard cover (19 March 2020)Owner(s)Evgeny Lebedev (63%) Daily Mail and General Trust (24.9%) Justin Byam Shaw (7%) Geordie Greig (5%)EditorEmily SheffieldFounded21 May 1827Political alignmentConservative8 more rows

What time does the Evening Standard go to print?

One edition of 600,000 copies would be printed starting at 12:30 pm, ending 3 am starts for journalists and the previous deadline of 9 am for the first edition. Twenty people were expected to lose their jobs as a result.

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