Question: What is the best city to find love?

Whats the best city to find love?

Main FindingsOverall Rank (1 = Best)CityTotal Score1Madison, WI66.482Atlanta, GA65.513Denver, CO63.144Salt Lake City, UT62.9074 more rows•1 Dec 2020

Where are you most likely find love?

10 Places Youre Most Likely to Find Love That Lasts, According Places of religious congregations.Work.Gym.Coffee shop.Volunteer groups.Neighborhood.Conferences.Park.More items •7 Aug 2018

Where are you most likely to find your soulmate?

10 Places You Could Meet Your Future SoulmateThe gym. If youre anything like me, you come out of every workout session looking like a clammy wet trainwreck. Your apartment building or neighborhood. The plane, duh! Work. School. On public transportation. On the streets. In traffic.More items •20 Feb 2014

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