Question: Is Fort Myers romantic?

Fort Myers Beach has a sensational coast, divine sunsets, and plentiful outdoor and manmade attractions. Its the quintessential romantic getaway for a honeymoon, anniversary, or just some time away to strengthen relationship bonds and your loved one.

What can couples do in Fort Myers?

5 Seriously Romantic Things To Do in Fort MyersVisit Lovers Key State Park. Start your romantic day with one of the top Fort Myers attractions – Lovers Key State Park. Have Dinner on the Beach. Try Some Homemade Ice cream. Learn How to Make Chocolate. Go on A Sunset Tour. Seek out Something Adventurous.

Is Fort Myers a party place?

Fort Myers and the Gulf Islands that surround the city, offer some of the best nightlife in Southwest Florida. One of the best stops for the party crowd looking for options is downtown, Fort Myers. The brick streets are lined with funky dens, wine bars, pubs and clubs.

What is special about Fort Myers?

Fort Myers, known for its nature and historical estates, serves as a gateway to a stretch of islands including the Sanibel area, known for its famous shelling beaches. It is located in Estero in the vicinity of Floridas youngest state university, Florida Gulf Coast University, located in Fort Myers.

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