Question: Where is Ashley on the Normandy Mass Effect 3?

She is lying down on the floor on the left hand side of starboard observation deck, it took me ages to find her because you cant see her when you enter because she is behind the couch.

Where is Ashley in me3?

First, youll want to meet Ashley at the Citadel at the Docks: Holding Area Memorial. Youll want to be here for Ash and pick comforting dialogue choices, and use the Paragon Interrupt, to progress things. Next, at some point Ashley will send an email asking to meet Shepard on the Citadel.

Is Ashley in me3?

Ashley Williams in Mass Effect 3 Ashley returns to fight the Reapers, provided she survived on Virmire. If she did not, Kaidan Alenko will take her place in the squad. Shepard is able to speak to Ashley in the hospital after every major mission, where they can choose to be either friendly or hostile to her.

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