Question: Is Astrosage App true? is the website where you can see your horoscope and ask for help to fight with your life problems. Astrosage is doing that job it ask your birth day and birth time and show your kundli and tell you for your future. But this website was totally fake.

Is Astrosage accurate?

Extremely Accurate (EA) - Quite Accurate. Either first hand information or information from good reliable source. Information is not from reliable source and hence chances of inaccuracy is very high.

Is Remaking future accurate?

The readings are accurate detailed and on point on time frames they give you, they really help guide you if you are stuck in your life and especially in love.

How can I find my kundali?

How To Get Your Free KundliEnter your full name in the first dialogue box.Select your gender to the right of the Name entry.Put in your date of birth in the separate date, month, and year boxes.Type the exact time of your birth.Enter your place of birth.Click on Get Janma Kundali.

Which app is best for predictions?

Top 10 Best Prediction Apps for 2020 To Help You In Sports Betting 2020 – 2021Stat24. This app uses an analytical approach in the prediction of matches. Baw betting. Bet predictor. Winner expert. Soccer predictions, statistics bet. Forebet. Betmines.24 Nov 2020

Whats in store for my future?

2 Answers. Whats in store? means Whats going to happen in the future? rather than What is being kept back? Sometimes there is an implication that the things in store are planned by someone, but not always.

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