Question: Who broke leg in jungle?

What actress broke her leg in the jungle?

Ashley Judd Ashley Judd Shares Photos, Video Updates After Breaking Leg In Democratic Republic Of Congo. “I wake up weeping in gratitude, deeply moved by each person who contributed something life giving and spirit salving during my grueling 55 hour odyssey.

Who broke leg in Congo?

Ashley Judd Ashley Judd is walking again, nearly six months after shattering her leg deep in a Congolese rainforest. Judd posted a video of herself on Instagram on Sunday walking by herself up a hill in a national park in the Swiss alps.

Who is Ashleys partner?

Dario Franchittim. 2001–2013 Ashley Judd/Spouse

How did Judd break leg?

Ashley Judd is making major strides in her recovery after she shattered her leg in February. The 53-year-old actress is deep into the rehabilitation process after she fell while hiking in the jungle in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, causing her to break her leg in four places and suffer severe nerve damage.

Who did Ashley Judd marry?

Dario Franchittim. 2001–2013 Ashley Judd/Spouse

Is Ashley Judd in a relationship now?

By the looks of Ashley Judds Instagram page, she doesnt seem to be in a relationship or have a life partner. The 53-year-old was previously married to Scotsman Dario Franchitti. Dario Franchitti is a former racing driver and now works as a commentator in the port.

What are the Judds doing today?

Over the years, The Judds have reunited for special tours, most recently coming together for a residency at The Venetian Theatre in Las Vegas. For me, its the fans. That energy, that exchange of, Ill tell you my story, if you tell me yours, Naomi says.

Who is older Wynonna and Ashley Judd?

Early life. Judd was born in Granada Hills, Los Angeles. Her parents are country music singer and motivational speaker Naomi Judd and Michael Charles Ciminella, a marketing analyst for the horse racing industry. Ashleys elder sister, Wynonna, is also a country music singer.

How old are The Judds now?

57 years (May 30, 1964) Wynonna Judd/Age

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