Question: Which MBTI type is most intelligent?

Which MBTI is the smartest? The smartest MBTI type is likely to be one of the Ne thinkers (INTP or ENTP) or the INTJ. When an ENTP is smart, they are really “classically cowboy” smart (like Iron Man, for example).

Which MBTI type is the most gifted?

The most commonly mentioned personality type found among the gifted was INFP.

Are ENFPs smart?

ENFPs might be seen as emotional people who follow their hearts more than their minds, but that doesnt mean they are not intelligent or capable of being logical people. ENFPs are often very self-aware and have a strong grasp on their internal emotions.

Are ENFPs emotionally intelligent?

EMOTIONALLY INTELLIGENT, SENSITIVE Staggeringly perceptive, ENFPs are one of the types MOST highly attuned to the emotional reactions of others (and their own feelings as well). Their insights into the emotions at play and motivations behind behavior are usually amazingly accurate.

Are INTPs naturally intelligent?

INTPs are often viewed as naturally intelligent people, which is owed in large part to the type of intelligence they often express outwardly. Of course, there are ways in which the INTP might struggle as well, but it is often in the areas most people dont fully recognize as types of intelligence.

What is the average IQ of an ENFP?

But it means if you were to take all ENFPs IQ, its probably slightly above one hundred. One hundred, by the way, is the average IQ. Thats the entire setup of the IQ system – that a hundred is the average. I think 68% of people fall between 85 and 115.

Are ENFPs good in bed?

ENFPs are known for being curious, adventurous and open-minded—and these traits translate into the bedroom. Of all 16 personality types, ENFPs ranked as the most willing to get down and dirty with a member of the same sex.

What are ENFPs best at?

ENFPs are good at understanding what other people are feeling. Given their zeal, charisma, and creativity, they can also make great leaders. People with this personality type strongly dislike routine and prefer to focus on the future.

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