Question: Where was Take Me Out filmed?

Take Me Out is filmed in Kent at The Maidstone Studios, with spin off show Take Me Out: The Gossip visiting Rochester Castle and Canterbury this series.

Where in Tenerife is Take Me Out filmed?

Apparently its not a real island. The truth is that filming takes place on Tenerifes northern coast in Puerto de la Cruz. It had previously been that contestants would stay in the Botanico & The Oriental Spa Garden, but the new series has seen the lads and lasses taken to a private villa instead.

Where is the island Fernandos?

Tenerife Fernandos is located in Tenerife and well known as Take Me Outs tropical island of paradise. Located in Puerto De La Cruz on the northern coast of Tenerife, the year-round sunshine destination is perfect for a holiday of romance, with only a four-hour flight, whats to stop you?

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