Question: Where can I meet people in Los Angeles?

Where can I socialize in Los Angeles?

21 best ways to make friends in LA as an adultHang out at the dog park. Its a little less creepy if you have a dog. Hit the gym(s) No better time to make friends then when youre both sweaty and heaving. Start swiping on Tinder. Join a sports league. Volunteering. Join a book club. Take an art class. Take an improv class.More items •28 Jan 2016

What is there to do in LA to meet people?

10 Tips on How to Meet People in L.A. If Youre New to the City Meetup is the worlds largest network of local groups. Hiking. Networking Events. Take a Class. Go to the Gym. Lock N Key Events and Speed Dating. Do Regular Stuff. Volunteer.More items •30 Nov 2014

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