Question: What size Lionel transformer do I need?

What is the best O gauge transformer?

Z-DC350 Transformer Designed for smaller layouts, the Z-500 offers the same control features as the Z-1000 but with less power. With 14 Volt Accessory Port Also supplied with most RailKing Ready-to-Run sets, the Z-1000 is the smoothest-operating, most powerful train set transformer in O gauge.

Can you run MTH trains with a Lionel transformer?

The LionChief remote will not run the MTH loco. As a minimum (to run the MTH loco in conventional), you would need a transformer with throttle control. You could still run the LionChief with that transformer throttle set at the correct voltage.

Is mth compatible with Lionel?

Lionel TMCC/Legacy is compatible with MTH DCS. Youll need either a TMCC or Legacy base. If you use a TMCC base with a Legacy locomotive, it will operate only the TMCC enabled features. Youll need the special 9 pin cable from MTH to connect the Lionel TMCC/Legacy base to the MTH DCS unit (TIU).

Which is more preferable AC or DC?

Answer: Ac is more preferred than dc because it is easy to maintain and change the voltage of ac for transmission and distribution purpose. Plant cost of ac transmission is much lower compared to dc transimission. When fault occurs it is easy to interrupt ac supply.

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