Question: Is Asian dating safe?

Does Asian Dating have fake profiles? This dating site is trusted and does not appear to have a bunch of fake profiles. Every profile has a photo up and there are thousands of singles active on the site at any one time, ready to chat and meet new people.

How do I get rid of Asia charm?

If you want to Delete your Asia Charm account permanently, you can contact Customer Service at

Is Asia charm legit?

This site is a total scam. Here you will find many beautiful pictures of women who most likely are not on the site or who are being paid by the site. If you want to have a very expensive fantasy go for it. If you are truly looking for a good Asian lady, stay away.

How do I turn off FilipinoCupid?

How do I delete my FilipinoCupid account? Go to your profile settings and click the button at the bottom of the page that says To switch your profile off on FilipinoCupid, click here. That will take you to another page where you need to enter a reason for your account closure and provide feedback (optional).

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