Question: How long did Romo and Jessica Simpson date?

After 11 years, Jessica Simpson is sounding off on her 2009 split from former Dallas Cowboys quarterback, Tony Romo, ending their two-year relationship.

When did Jessica date Tony Romo?

November 2007 When Romo started dating Jessica Simpson in November 2007, he officially became the NFLs most famous Lothario. However, his relationship proceeded to become something of a controversy when Romos performance sagged down the stretch.

Did Jessica Simpson date a Dallas Cowboy?

AP Before her relationship with Eric Johnson, Jessica Simpson dated Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo. The two began dating in November 2007 and split in July 2009.

What does Tony Romo do now?

Romo — who retired from Dallas in April 2017 before joining CBS as its lead color analyst the following season — quickly found he had a talent for in-game analysis.

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