Question: How does a heated snowmobile visor work?

They heat the shield, preventing moisture buildup (fog or ice) from your breath. No fogged up windows to draw pictures on while youre riding! There are two options for powering your shield. Some helmets have a battery pack that powers the heat for the shield.

How do I know if my heated visor is working?

To test the sheild: stick the red needle into inner receiver of connector on helmet, put black needle on outer ring of connector. you should get a reading of 10-20ohms through the sheild. If you dont, theres something wrong with the shield.

How do I clean the inside of my helmet?

1:422:53How To Wash Your Motorcycle Helmet | MC GARAGE - YouTubeYouTube

How often should I replace my snowmobile helmet?

Replace your helmet every five years. Made of fiberglass or plastic, helmets become brittle over time. Place a strip of reflective tape on your helmet for extra visibility after dark.

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