Question: What is TS TG TV Meaning?

TV = Transvestite. CD = Cross dresser. TS = Transexual. TG = Transgender. PRE = Pre-Op.

What is the difference between a TG and a TS TV?

So why do many people find it difficult to distinguish a TV from a TS? No wonder many individuals immediately consider both terms as one and the same, but first, a TV is a transvestite, whereas a TS is a transsexual. In the simplest of terms, a transvestite is someone who cross-dresses.

What does TS or CD stand for?

Response to Literature Writing TS = Topic Sentence CD = Concrete Detail CM.

What is a CD TG?

Posted by Mary Rand on October 17, 2018. It means we welcome all members of the community.

What is the TS video format?

MPEG transport stream (MPEG-TS, MTS) or simply transport stream (TS) is a standard digital container format for transmission and storage of audio, video, and Program and System Information Protocol (PSIP) data. It is used in broadcast systems such as DVB, ATSC and IPTV.

What does WTMS stand for?

WTMSAcronymDefinitionWTMSWorld Tourism Marketing SummitWTMSWilliam Thomas Middle School (American Falls, ID)WTMSWaste Tire Management System (California)WTMSWireless Temperature Monitoring System

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