Question: What does interracial Endeavor mean?

What does interracial amity mean?

adj. of, involving, or for members of different races: interracial amity.

What is the opposite of interracial?

interracialadjective. between races. interracial conflict Antonyms: segregated, unintegrated, nonracial.

What is another word for multicultural?

What is another word for multicultural?multiethnicinclusivediversemultinationalmultiracialopenall-inclusiveculturally diverseinterracialall-embracing

What does Monoracial mean?

Monoracial (White, Black, Asian) and biracial (Black/White, Asian/White) children (N=246, 3–8 years) had their racial identity primed. In a learning preferences task, participants determined the function of a novel object after watching adults (White, Black, and Asian) demonstrate its uses.

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