Question: What is Princeton from Mindless Behavior mixed with?

After he auditioned, he got the call he was chosen to be in the group two weeks later. He is of mixed African-American and Mexican descent, in which he calls Blaxican.

What is Princeton Perezs name?

Jacob Anthony Perez Jacob Anthony Perez (born April 21, 1996), age 25 known professionally as Princeton Perez is an American singer-songwriter, professional dancer, and actor.

What is rayray race?

Ray Ray has said that he is mixed with African-American, Indian, and Belizean.

What happened to Princeton from Mindless Behavior?

In February 2017, rumors started spreading around that the group had disbanded after Princeton announced it after answering a fan question as he claimed that the group wasnt getting the rights to their music and the members decided that they wanted to do solo careers.

How tall is Princeton Mindless Behavior?

1.65 m Jacob Perez/Height

How old is Princeton Mindless Behavior?

25 years (April 21, 1996) Jacob Perez/Age

Who discovered Mindless Behavior?

The band was put together in Los Angeles in 2008, by Keisha Gamble, Vincent Herbert and Walter Millsap. The band trained in dance and singing for two years before releasing a recording in Japan Music. The members were all in their early teens when the band was created.

When did Princeton leave Mindless Behavior?

September 2015 In September 2015, original member Ray Ray exited the group to go pursue a solo career, leaving the group consisting of the only remaining original member Princeton with the new band members, EJ and Mike.

Who from Mindless Behavior has a baby?

Rayan DeQuan Lopez, also known as Ray Ray, is a dad to a one-year-old little boy! The former Mindless Behavior group member welcomed his first child with girlfriend Jahmia Sutherland, who is Joe Jacksons great niece, last May.

Who went to jail from Mindless Behavior?

Mindless Behavior star Roc Royal is about to experience it first hand after being sentenced to two years in prison on Thursday. The star, who left the group for unspecified reasons, was arrested back in February for robbery and battery.

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