Question: How do you tell when a picture was taken that was sent to me on Iphone?

It was sent from one Iphone to another. Answer: A: Answer: A: If it has the Date in the EXIF data in the photo file then an App like iPhoto will show you the date.

How do you find out when a photo was taken?

EXIF Data Is Always The First Stop. EXIF data is a form of metadata that can be found in some JPEG and TIFF images. Search GPS Coordinates On Google Map/Street View. Reverse Image Search Can Give You Context. Convert The Image Into Search Terms. Check For Landmarks Or Other Clues. Ask The Internet For Help.20 Mar 2020

Do pictures sent on WhatsApp keep their EXIF data?

Usually when sending a photo with WhatsApp, the metadata disappears. Clearly the camera added metadata, so where did it go? The answer: many messaging apps and social networks remove the photo metadata, for privacy. Otherwise people might accidentally show others exactly where they live!

Does deleting a picture on WhatsApp delete it for the other person?

Once sent, the image will completely disappear after the recipient views it and exits the chat, although they will receive a warning message before they exit the chat. Generally, when WhatsApp users delete their messages, they are replaced by a box saying this message was deleted.

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