Question: How does Tourettes affect relationships?

Moreover, Tourette syndrome patients have been found to exhibit insecure attachment with significantly higher scores in relationship anxiety and relationship avoidance and significantly higher aggression scores (35).

How does Tourettes affect you emotionally?

The symptoms experienced by people with Tourette syndrome often get worse in social situations. New research at BSMS suggests that the reason may be because the brains of people with Tourette syndrome are hyper-responsive to social cues, including emotional facial expressions.

How is the family of a person with Tourettes affected?

Objective. The current study hypothesized that families of children with TS would report significantly more family functioning difficulties (more parenting aggravation, more difficulty with coping with the childs care, less parent–child communication, and less consistent family routines).

Most children who are diagnosed with TS also have another mental health, behavioral, or developmental condition. Conditions that commonly occur with TS include: Anxiety or depression. Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

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