Question: Is it safe in Bakersfield CA?

Bakersfield has a bad reputation for being a dangerous city. With a current crime rate of 47 per every 1,000 residents, Bakersfield is considered to have one of the highest crime rates in the United States in comparison to other cities of the same size. The violent crime rate is currently one in every 21 residents.

Is Bakersfield CA dangerous?

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) — A new national report by the security site, SafeWise, has ranked Bakersfield in the top ten most dangerous metro areas in America. Factors include high crime, theft, and how much money goes into law enforcement.

Is Bakersfield California safe place?

Bakersfield is a high crime area with the overall crime rate being 54% higher than the US average. The probability of becoming a victim of either violent or property crime here is 1 in 22. With a crime rate of 46 per 1000 residents, Bakersfield has one of the highest crime rates among communities in the entire country.

Why is Bakersfield California so cheap?

Affordable cost of living. The reason why housing is much more affordable in Bakersfield than in any other area is that the city does not have the same income earning potential as surrounding areas. In turn, the housing demand is not as strong hence the prices are lower.

Why is Bakersfield so bad?

Theres a lot of pollution. Bakersfield is a big oil company town, and the air quality here is notoriously bad. There are tons of different stores, shopping outlets, bars, and plenty of things to do. You need a car to get around, as there is no suitable public transportation to get you around the city.

Does Bakersfield CA get snow?

The US average is 28 inches of snow per year .Climate Averages.Bakersfield, CaliforniaUnited StatesSnowfall0.1 in.27.8 in.Precipitation38.1 days106.2 daysSunny272 days205 daysAvg. July High97.4°85.8°5 more rows

What is the hottest month in Bakersfield California?

Average Temperature in Bakersfield The hot season lasts for 3.4 months, from June 8 to September 20, with an average daily high temperature above 91°F. The hottest day of the year is July 26, with an average high of 99°F and low of 72°F.

Why is Bakersfield air quality so bad?

Bakersfields high air pollution levels owe to the areas high-emission industries (such as agriculture and fossil-fuel based energy production), growing residential emissions, and its geographic and climatic conditions, which cause polluted air to become trapped in the valley.

Does Bakersfield have snow?

Bakersfield averages 0 inches of snow per year.

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