Question: What is Bloom match?

Dating takes time – all that scheduling, multiple meet-ups, lots of money spent on dressing and dinners. We do all the legwork for you. No more looking through hundreds of photos and reading endless bios. We listen to you and learn about you, and then we bring the matches to you. Its simple!

Is Bloom dating app free?

How much does Bloom cost? Right now, its free! We aim to work with the community to determine fair and reasonable pricing.

How much is the bloom app?

$59.99 per year for the premium app.

What is Bloom community?

Bloom is a membership-based community where adults over 50 gather to learn, connect and redefine a new phase of life. At Bloom, we learn from thought-provoking speakers, engage in expertly-moderated small group discussions, and build meaningful connections with peers.

Do you have to pay for Bloom?

Bloom offers users a seven-day free trial to experience the app before committing to a subscription. After the seven-day free trial, you can continue with either a monthly, 3 monthly, yearly or lifetime subscription.

Is the bloom app worth it?

It does take a little time to create the habit, but once you do it is definitely worth it! Note that you can enable notifications to remind you to do your bloom. While you could journal these things yourself, I really enjoy the fact that everything is guided.

How much does it cost to join bloom?

Bloom Three Month Subscription$34.99 Check out some more great self care posts here.

What is Bloom for seniors?

Bloom Senior Living is a family-owned and operated company. For nearly 50 years, our goal has been simple yet aspirational: to help our residents flourish. Our family-owned and operated communities provide a continuum of senior living services, concentrating on independent living, assisted living and memory care.

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