Question: How much is a Hofner bass worth?

These range anywhere from $200 to $1,500. Höfner themselves make an affordable version of their bass (the Ignition).

Is the Höfner violin bass versatile?

Unique Sound The sound of a Violin Bass is unlike any other bass. When used with flatwound strings it produces a distinctive deep and penetrating thud not unlike an upright double bass. Despite being one of the smallest basses available it easily produces massive bass lines and is remarkably versatile.

Who plays violin bass?

Much of Höfners popularity is attributed to Paul McCartneys use of the Höfner 500/1 bass throughout his career. This violin-shaped model is commonly referred to as the Beatle bass.

Are Hofner basses made in China?

Hofner Guitars - Yes we do have our own factory in China . | Facebook.

Does Paul McCartney still have his original Hofner bass?

There were actually two violin basses. The first, bought by McCartney in Hamburg in 1962 is the missing instrument. In 1963, Hofner gave McCartney an improved model as a reward for making the brand world famous. McCartney still plays the 1963 model at concerts, as he did at his 2013 show in Ottawa.

Where is Hofner made?

Today in Beijing, Hofner produces a range student instruments, while medium-priced and master-built instruments are still made in Hagenau, Germany.

Which Hofner bass is made in Germany?

Violin Bass - Mersey Handmade at Höfner, Germany. Reissue of a bass made for Paul McCartney in 1963.

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