Question: Where should I not live in Launceston?

Depending on your housing affordability, the areas best to avoid are: Ravenswood, Waverly, Rocherlea, Mayfield, some of Mowbray and partly Newnham. - these areas are more proun to bad behavoir, lower socioeconomic housing.

Is Launceston Tasmania a good place to live?

“Launceston is very attractive for mainland buyers in particular,” Mr. Bushby said. “Were a good-sized regional town with lots to offer in terms of wineries, the beautiful Cataract Gorge, unemployment levels were very low, good proximity to the coastline, no traffic congestion and you have a beautiful character city.”

Is Newstead a good suburb Launceston?

Newstead is a lovely family suburb, with easy and quick access to the city and surrounding areas. The housing is predominantly from the 1950s onwards. It presents great value for money in the property market. The facilities in Newstead are good, with the shops you need day to day.

Does Launceston have snow?

Unlike many other areas of Tasmania and as well as a number of cities in the northern hemisphere that lie on the same latitude (such as Chicago, Cleveland, Tashkent, Tbilisi and Shenyang), Launceston rarely receives snowfall and is relatively mild.

Is Launceston hilly?

While Launceston may be a little hilly, as it nestles in the Tamar Valley, the relaxed environment and dedicated infrastructure make it very suitable for getting around by bicycle – as evidenced by the rapid growth of cycling as a recreational activity.

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