Question: What is cabriole leg furniture?

Cabriole leg, leg of a piece of furniture shaped in two curves—the upper one convex, the lower one concave. Its shape was based on the legs of certain four-footed animals.

What era are cabriole legs from?

In France, the cabriole leg is associated with the Louis XV period of furniture design. The cabriole design appeared for the first time in the United States in the 18th century. The basis of its original concept was emulated upon legs of certain four-footed mammals, especially ungulates.

What does cabriole mean in English?

1 : a ballet leap in which one leg is extended in midair and the other struck against it. 2 : a curved furniture leg ending in an ornamental foot.

What does cabriole mean in ballet?

Cabriole, ballet jump, formerly performed only by men, in which the dancer beats the calves of the legs together in the air, with a scissors-like movement. When the beat occurs, the legs are extended at either a 45° or 90° angle to the body at the front, side, or back.

What does caMBre mean in ballet?

caMBre: In ballet, a bend from the waist to the side or to the back. cHaSSe: A sliding step in which one foot “chases” and displaces the other.

What is a sissone in ballet?

: a ballet step in which the legs are spread in the air and closed on the descent.

What does en dehors mean in ballet?

A classical ballet term meaning “outside” or “outward,” en dehors is used to describe the direction in which the dancer should be moving. En dehors would mean the dancer is turning outward, away from the supporting leg.

What does Tombe mean in ballet?

Tombe´ Falling down. Used to indicate that the body falls forward or backward onto the. working leg in a demi-plie. (

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