Question: How much does Chanel West Coast make per episode on Ridiculousness?

How much does Chanel West Coast make per episode of Ridiculousness? According to Earning the Necklace, her steady gig at Ridiculousness earns her a whopping $142,050.

How much does steelo Brim and Chanel West Coast make per episode?

It is hosted by Rob Dyrdek and co-hosted by Sterling Steelo Brim and Chanel West Coast. His show, Rob and Big, alone, brought paid him $60,000 per episode. He is an American sports personality, a reality TV star, an entrepreneur, an actor and a producer, this celebrity has done it all.

What is Chanel West Coast yearly salary?

In the year 2018, Chanel West Coast made $200,000. She split most of her time between Los Angeles and New York City during that year, as she did throughout her youth.

How much does dyrdek make per episode?

Salary Highlights Rob Dyrdek made $60,000 per episode for Rob & Big. He made $100,000 per episode for Rob Dyrdeks Fantasy Factory.

How much does steelo make per episode on Ridiculousness?

What is Steelo Brim Salary per episode on Ridiculousness? The television personality makes around $140,000 per episode, which is remarkable considering his gradual ascent in the entertainment industry.

Are Rob Chanel and steelo friends?

Ridiculously good friends! Chanel West Coast exclusively dishes on her relationship with Ridiculousness costars Rob Dyrdek and Sterling “Steelo” Brim. “Im close with the guys, were kind of like family, so Ive talked to them,” the blonde babe, 31, tells In Touch.

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