Question: Is it hard to meet people in London?

Meeting new people and making friends in London is hard. London can be a lonely place. If you dont study here, chances are you are pretty much starting off from zero, especially if you dont have family living in the city or in the UK in general.

How can I meet people in London 2020?

11 best ways to meet new people in LondonMove into a share house. Get to know your local. Become a regular somewhere. Go and volunteer. Pick up some new hobbies. Use the latest apps. Get to know your friends friends. Check out a supper club.More items •May 14, 2019

How do you meet people in London?

10 Tips On How To Meet People And Make Friends In LondonPick Some New Hobbies. Get To Know Your Local Pub. Join A Society. Download The Latest Apps. Bond Over Food! Join An Exercise Class. Mix With Your Friends Friends! Socialise With Your Course Mates.More items •Jun 12, 2020

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