Question: Why are Mesa Boogie amps so expensive?

Because the quality is astounding, and because Mesa can say they invented the modern high gain amp (which they did, with the Mark IV). Its just like why are Gibson guitars so expensive! I was blown away by the stiletto, recto gain but with more warmth, and a great clean channel.

Are Mesa Boogie amps worth it?

Mesa makes good stuff, and ONLY good stuff. Good tone, good quality. NO cheap (quality OR cost) amps from Mesa! At the same time, they Do charge a premium for the name they earned that right with the amps they build.

Why is amplifier so heavy?

Guitar amps are heavy due to speaker magnets, power and output transformers, and metal chassis and wooden cabinets. Yep, those few items literally wreak havoc on your back before you can even get plugged in and tuned up.

Why are tube amps so heavy?

Tube amps require a few more components such as voltage transformers (several per tube) that contain heavy magnets. Because of this added weight the chassis that the components are fastened to are made out of steel or other heavy metals for sturdiness as opposed to aluminum like in solid state amps.

How can I make my Boss Katana sound better?

0:546:14How To Get Awesome High Gain Tones From The Boss Katana.YouTube

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