Question: What does a loop mean on Tinder?

Loops are two-second, looping videos that can be posted to users profiles. Users cant shoot Tinder Loops from within the app, but rather have to upload and edit existing videos in their camera roll or upload a Live Photo from an iOS device. Videos on Tinder offer a new way to get to know someone for who they are.

Whats a loop on Tinder?

This popular dating app has rolled out a brand new feature to entice local singles to swipe right – Tinder Loops. Each looping video repeats 2 seconds worth of footage that users upload to their profile. Like most changes to Tinder, this video feature was first tested in select markets before becoming widely available.

Do Tinder loops have sound?

In addition to the photos and questions that are already featured on a users profile, the video is set on autoplay and loops as you scroll through a potential matchs profile — equipped with sound.

Does Tinder let you upload videos?

Tinder is enamored with video. After giving serial daters the ability to video chat last fall, the app is now letting members add multiple clips to their profile. Starting today, users will be able to edit and upload up to nine recorded videos from their phone to their Tinder profile.

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