Question: What happens when you pause a Zoosk account?

When you pause your account: Your profile is hidden from Zoosk and wont be shown to other Zoosk members until its unpaused. You will keep your profile, connections, and message history. You wont be able to receive messages or other communications from Zoosk members.

Can I pause my DAZN subscription?

You can pause your account – for maximum 4 months – as many times as you want. Once you have requested to pause your account, we will send a confirmation email at the address you provided us. Once your account is reactivated, your subscription will automatically be renewed at €9.99 per month.

What happens if I cancel my DAZN subscription?

Once you cancel your subscription via Google Play Billing, DAZN will not take payment on your next payment date. You will be able to use DAZN until the end of the period you have already paid for, and then you will lose access. You can re-subscribe at anytime.

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