Question: Why do people fall for their personal trainers?

“They are essentially there to offer positive encouragement and help you look and feel good. They give you attention and make you feel attractive. This can be very appealing, especially if youre not getting that from your partner, or if youre single.

Is it normal to have a crush on your trainer?

All that grunting, panting, stretching, and sweating that comes with working out with a personal trainer can make things very, well, personal. Maybe its the spandex talking, but you might actually start to develop romantic feelings for your trainer. If thats ever happened to you, rest assured that youre not alone.

What exercise causes the most injuries?

Do It Right: Exercises That Can Cause InjuryBox Jumps. Bending Sideways Holding Weights. Bench Presses. Squats. Bicep Curls. Overhead Press.12 Jul 2015

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