Question: Who is owner of Bharat Matrimony?

Murugavel Janakiraman, Founder and Managing Director, BharatMatrimony (, revolutionized the process of arranged marriages in India, by providing an online platform for matchmaking through its flagship matchmaking service BharatMatrimony.

Who is the founder of matrimony?

Murugavel Janakiraman BharatMatrimony/Founders

Is Bharat Matrimony and Shaadi com same?

Both and are matrimonial sites. has better features and easy user interface. provides more security features.

Who owns Kerala matrimony?

BharatMatrimony is an online matrimony service and a part of It was founded in 1997 by Murugavel Janakiraman, who later met his wife through his own matrimony site .BharatMatrimony.FounderMurugavel JanakiramanArea servedWorldwideWebsitewww.bharatmatrimony.com1 more row

Which matrimony is best in Kerala for Christians?

Kerala Christian MatrimonyJacobite Matrimony.Marthoma Matrimony.Pentacost Matrimony.Church of South India Matrimony.Syro Malabar Matrimony.Syrian Catholic Matrimony.Malankara Matrimony.Born Again Matrimony.

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