Question: What are the gay neighborhoods in San Diego?

The hottest spots — the darkest ZIP codes — are the gay-friendly Mid-City San Diego ZIP codes of 92116 (Normal Heights), 92103 (Hillcrest) and 92104 (North Park) and 91901 (the East County town of Alpine).

Is San Diego a gay community?

The Advocate, a national gay magazine, ranked San Diego 14th on its list of the 15 “Gayest Cities in America.” San Diego was the only California city on the list despite San Franciscos large gay population. Atlanta topped the list.

Where is the gay pride parade in San Francisco?

The San Francisco Pride parade is a world-renowned LGBT pride parade. It is held on Sunday morning of the Festival. The route is usually west along San Franciscos Market Street, from Steuart Street to 8th Street and it runs from 10:30 am until almost 4:00 pm.

When was the first gay parade in San Francisco?

1972 San Francisco Pride/First event date

What happens at SF Pride?

A two-day (Saturday and Sunday) festival has grown up around the Sunday morning parade. It is a collection of booths, dance stages, and vendors around the Civic Center area near San Francisco City Hall. The festival is traditionally held in the last full weekend in June. This commemorates the Stonewall riots.

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