Question: What album is Hooked on a Feeling in?

Is Hooked on a Feeling from the 70s?

It has been recorded by many other artists, including Blue Swede, whose version reached No. 1 in the United States in 1974 .Blue Swede cover.Hooked on a FeelingReleasedFebruary 1974Recorded1973GenrePop rockLength2:489 more rows

What year did Blue Swede song Hooked on a Feeling?

1974 Hooked on a Feeling/Released Whether its the late B.J. Thomas 1968 pop hit or the Swedish rock band Blue Swedes cover from 1974, you likely have a version of Hooked on a Feeling permanently implanted in your brain. The catchy staple of oldies radio was penned by one of Thomas friends since a young age, Mark James.

Who first recorded Hooked on a Feeling?

Originally released in 1968, “Hooked on a Feeling” was first recorded by singer B.J. Thomas, whose biggest song ended up being another Hollywood-endorsed hit, “Raindrops Keep Fallin on My Head” from Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

What era is hooked on a feeling from?

Hooked on a Feeling is a 1968 pop song about unrequited love, written by Mark James and originally performed by B.J. Thomas. Thomass version featured the sound of the electric sitar (played by Reggie Young) and reached No. 5 in 1969 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Why did Blue Swede break up?

Blue Swede was a Swedish rock band fronted by Björn Skifs which was active between the years 1973–1975. They disbanded after Skifs decided to embark on his solo career.

Who sang Hooked on a Feeling in 1974?

Blue Swede Hooked on a Feeling/Artists Blue Swede released Hooked on a Feeling in Sweden in May 1973 and in the United States in February 1974. The song reached number one in the U.S. for one week in April 1974 and stayed in the Billboard Hot 100 chart for 18 weeks.

Did B.J. Thomas sing Hooked on a Feeling?

Pop singer B.J. Thomas, who succumbed to lung cancer on May 27, was best known for his hit songs Raindrop Keep Fallin on My Head (No. 1, 1969), Hooked on a Feeling (No. 5, 1968) and (Hey Wont you Play) Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song (No. 1, 1975).

What instruments are used in Hooked on a Feeling?

More videos on YouTubeInstrumentationNumber of PartsPages Per PartPT.5 - EB BARITONE SAXOPHONE22PT.5 - TUBA42PT.5 - STRING/ELECTRIC BASS22PERCUSSION 12125 more rows

Who was the singer of Blue Suede?

Carl Perkins Elvis Presley recorded Blue Suede Shoes in 1956 and it appears as the opening track of his eponymous debut album Elvis Presley. Presley performed his version of the song three different times on national television .Blue Suede Shoes.Blue Suede ShoesSongwriter(s)Carl PerkinsProducer(s)Sam PhillipsCarl Perkins singles chronology10 more rows

What genre is Blue Swede?

Rock Pop Blue Swede/Genres

Who sing Come and Get Your Love?

Redbone Come and Get Your Love/Artists Come and Get Your Love is a song by rock band Redbone. The song was originally released as a promo track under the name Hail and was later featured on the album Wovoka (1973), under its current name.

Was B.J. Thomas ever on drugs?

From 1977-1982, he won gospel Grammys five consecutive years. According to his website: Like many successful pop/rock artists, Thomas fell into drugs and battled substance abuse. He immediately quit drugs and found an avenue for expressing his faith in gospel music.

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