Question: Who are some famous people that Akon sings with?

Senegalese-American vocalist Akon has collaborated with a wide range of performers, from Eminem, 50 Cent and Snoop Dogg to Whitney Houston, Lady Gaga and Michael Jackson.

Who has Akon Collabed with?

Akon often sings hooks for other artists and is currently credited with over 300 guest appearances and 45 Billboard Hot 100 songs. He has worked with numerous performers such as Michael Jackson, R. Kelly, Quincy Jones, Eminem and Whitney Houston.

Who is Lady Gaga signed with Akon?

Kon Live Distribution While Lady Gaga was working as a song writer at Interscope Records, Akon recognized her vocal talent and signed her to his own label Kon Live Distribution.

Who made Akon famous?

Akon Famous/Artists

How did Akon make his money?

Although the money he has earned through his work in the music industry has contributed to the majority of his personal net worth of $80 million, this is not the only way that Akon has earned money. In February 2007, he launched his own clothing line, called Konvict Clothing.

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