Question: What happened to the show I Love New York?

What happened to I Love New York?

After the show, Real, unfortunately, passed away in 2015 after suffering from a long battle with colon cancer. According to Hollywood Reporter, Ahmad was diagnosed with stage-four colon cancer in 2013, however, after two later, his situation worsened.

Is I Love New York coming back?

On October 22, 2020, a reunion special titled I Love New York: Reunited was announced which premiered on November 23, 2020 .I Love New York (TV series)I Love New YorkPreceded byFlavor of Love16 more rows

Where is Pumkin now?

Pumkin. After her appearances on Flavor of Love, Charm School and I Love Money Pumkin appeared in a Playboy Channel softcore film. Thompson has all but disappeared from social media but in 2016 she told VH1, she now works at an accounting firm in Bakersfield, CA and is single with no children.

What happened to I Love New York and Tailor Made?

After previously denying it, VH1 has confirmed that I Love New York second-season lovebirds George Tailor Made Weisgerber and Tiffany New York Pollard have called it quits on their romantic relationship.

Did pumpkin really spit in NYC?

It was staged -- and digitally enhanced, Thompson said. I do not spit on people, she said. She was told by producers that she would be leaving before the episode was filmed, and told her to give them a big ending. She asked what kind of an ending they wanted, and they suggested spitting.

Who is NY 2020 engaged to?

Tiffany New York Pollard Is Engaged The reality television star announced that shes engaged and showed off her spectacular ring. Related | We Love New York! On the show, Pollard explained how she found love to host Vivica A. Fox.

Does Frank the Entertainer still live at home?

Frank the Entertainer now After his own spin-off Frank The Entertainer In A Basement Affair, he stepped out of the limelight. Hes now married and living a quiet life.

Who got spit on in Flavor of Love?

In one particularly fiery episode, Pumpkin, one of the final three contestants, spits in the face of New York (Tiffany Pollard). But New York got the last laugh. After the second season of Flavor of Love (in which she was again rejected by Flav), Pollard got her own series on VH1.

Who did New York pick in season 1?

Patrick Tango Hunter Pollard was engaged to the I Love New York season 1 winner Patrick Tango Hunter for a six-month period until Hunter called off the engagement on the reunion show. She was also engaged to George Tailor Made Weisgerber, the winner of I Love New York 2.

Who did Frank The Entertainer pick?

Kerry Schwartz Fifteen women competed for his love. The winner was Kerry Schwartz.

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